Tungsten Gold Memorial Coin for National Defense Service

tungsten gold memorial coin for National Defense Service

Currently, the commemorative coin for National Defense Service is mainly made of copper gold-plated, silver-plated, or red copper etc. Using tungsten gold to instead of copper as the National Defense Service commemorative coin’s raw material is a relatively new attempt. The advantage of tungsten gold memorial coin for National Defense Service is reflected as follows: its density is higher than copper, so the texture is much better; properties of non-toxic and environmental friendly of tungsten alloy make it a concept of environmental friendly nowadays compared copper; the most important is that tungsten alloy has good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, it can be saved permanently without being eroded decay than the National Defense Service memorial coins made of copper. So tungsten gold memorial coin for National Defense Service can better reflect the commemorative significance and value. Compared with real gold, tungsten gold memorial coin has lower value than it, but it seems that tungsten gold memorial coin would be an excellent choice for an alternative of real gold due to its exquisite appearance, higher sentimental value with excellent cost-effective than real gold.

Declaration:Tungsten gold-plated products offered by Chinatungsten Online are only for decoration, commemoration and/or collection, please do not use for illegal purposes.Announcement

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