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Aerospace Commemorative Banknote Nearly Fell to Par Value, Tungsten Gold-Plated Products Become New Favors

In November 2015, China issued a series of ordinary space commemorative coins and banknotes which is value of 10 Yuan and 100 Yuan. Because of its special commemorative significance and collection value, the space commemorative banknotes were highly sought after by people. Once launched, the citizens then rushed out to buy, because it was the first time for China to issue the theme of aerospace commemorative banknotes in the history, it can be said that it is very special and memorable, the appreciation of the value was increased more than 20 Yuan than par value.

But by March 11, 2016, the news reported that the value of the series of aerospace commemorative banknotes had fallen to 0, no one would like to buy. Why the price of such a series of valuable aerospace commemorative banknotes were going down and became the "hot potato", even stepping into the position that no businesses or banks are willing to receive it? It is understood that the biggest reason is that the total circulation is too large. We all know that less is more, it is also true for commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes. The circulation of this series of aerospace commemorative banknotes were exceeded about 300 million, so its appreciation of space was greatly limited.

When the variety of commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes were greatly and hot sought after by people, some collectors have put their eyes on the tungsten gold-plated products. The tungsten gold-plated products refer to the products that being made of the tungsten alloy and plated on its surface. It can not only be manufactured into commemorative coins, bars, but also a variety of crafts and collectibles. It can be prolonged kept, and has non-toxic and friendly environmental. Its high cost-performance and high collective potential makes it become the gold alternatives and gradually become the new favors of collection circles. This kind of commemorative coins will not meet the dilemma of no appreciation of space, and won’t cause great loss of theft and damage. Its inherent value is to be used as collection, which exists for the collection, and is made for commemorating.

International Gold Price is Turbulent, Tungsten Gold Plated Products are Welcomed

Since the beginning of 2016, the international gold price is turbulent; so many gold investors were frustrated. Recently, the international oil price has been under great pressure, stock market trading is also very weak, which makes the gold, which has a strong hedging value, be welcomed by many people, then also become one of the best performing commodities this year. As it can be seen in the current situation, gold seems to be this year's hottest commodities. Due to the special relationship between gold and the dollar, the main factors affect the price of gold are still the Fed's monetary policy and the tendency of dollar. But according to the Fed minutes held in March this year, there is a significant difference between the two factions about whether to raise interest rates in April. It makes people, become worried about the future trend of gold price.

Many people are holding a more pessimistic attitude on the future price of gold, Goldman Sachs Group also boasted to investors: short gold. And reason why they tell investors to short gold is that they think the Fed is bound to raise interest rates in a node in this year, which will drag down the gold price. But as for the investors, whether to short gold or not, it mainly depends on the judgments and estimates of the market economy by their own.

For collectors of gold products, investing the gold to profit is not the ultimate goal. Thus many collectors expressed that they are not interested in such a turbulent gold, they are more interested in the” gold alternatives," the tungsten gold-plated products, which also makes the collecting enthusiasm of tungsten gold plated products is very high recent years. Tungsten gold plated products are renowned for its beautiful, cost-effective, durable characteristics comparable to gold and welcomed by the people. In addition, although it does not have the hedging value and hedging functions like gold, but no matter from which side it seems, can be a great alternative choice for gold. So for the collectors, they can use of a lower price to buy tungsten gold plated products as collections, which are as fine as gold, and can be saved permanently without decay and deformation. It won’t cause the huge economic losses due to gold loss, damage, theft and other problems. Thus, if only for the purpose of collection and commemoration, selecting the high cost-effective tungsten gold-plated products obviously is much more secure than selecting of gold products.

Proper Preservation Methods of Tungsten Gold Plated Coin

Tungsten gold plated coin, is a kind of commemorative coin that manufactured with tungsten alloy as raw material, and therefore it is often referred to as tungsten gold coin, or tungsten gold commemorative coin. It has high appreciation value and collection value, and because of the unique high-density corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, non-toxic and environmentally friendly characteristics of tungsten alloy, tungsten gold plated coin has the longer-term preservation of gold coins. The worth of tungsten gold plated coin is less than gold, but both feel almost similar, and equally beautiful. In order to plate gold in the surface of tungsten gold plated coin for obtaining the same exquisite appearance as gold coin, it can also be plated with silver, platinum, rose gold and so on, which can have different and unique beauty. It is because of all these advantages, tungsten gold plated coin can be engraved with all kinds of different patterns to convey different meanings and feelings by people. Although tungsten gold plated coin has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but in normal life, we also need to pay attention to its preservation methods to extend the life of its collection, and long maintain its aesthetics. The proper preservation methods of tungsten gold plated coin can be summarized as follows:

1. Avoid contact with chemicals. Shower gel, shampoo and women used cosmetics in ordinary life contain many chemicals, so we should avoid storing tungsten gold plated coin with them so as to prevent tungsten gold plated coin’s gold plating layer reacts with chemicals, thereby destroy its appearance.

2. Avoid direct play with hands. Although tungsten gold-plated coin has high wear and corrosion resistant, but since the surface layer is gold-plated, so in order to avoid the problems caused by sweat, we should wear gloves or other items can isolate our hands and tungsten gold plated coin.

3. You can buy dedicated circular transparent box of commemorative coin, it will not affect the watch play; and can also play a protective role.

4. If you do not watch and play tungsten gold plated coin in a long-term, it should be kept under seal. Should you are in areas where is too wet, you can put some desiccant to reduce humidity before sealing. But note that the desiccant should not be in directly contact with tungsten gold plated coin.

5. The tungsten gold plated coins should be stored separately, to avoid the damage of the gold layers caused by friction between them.