Monkey Tungsten Gold Plated Bar

Monkey tungsten gold plated bar

Monkey tungsten gold plated bar, also called Monkey tungsten alloy gold plated bar, which implies the characters of smart and active. Zodiac Monkey ranks 9th in the twelve zodiacs, when it comes to the year of Monkey, a great number of commemorative activities will be held among the banks or business companies for expressing their appreciation to their clients. Monkey tungsten gold plated is actually made of tungsten alloy material inner, and gold plating about 0.3 micrometer on its surface usually. It has a bright color almost the same as the real gold from its appearance, so it is cost-effective for them to save cost for their promotion. Besides, when babies was born in the year of Monkey, if there should be a gift of Monkey tungsten gold plated bar could be presented, then the blessing of health and longevity will be express apparently. Owning to its special properties of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, Monkey tungsten gold plated bar becomes the most suitable choice for commemoration, collection and present to each other. Unit weight, engraving, images, gold plating could be customized.

Declaration:Tungsten gold-plated products offered by Chinatungsten Online are only for decoration, commemoration and/or collection, please do not use for illegal purposes.Announcement

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