Gold Substitution-Tungsten Gold Plated, Tungsten Gold

tungsten alloy gold plated barTungsten gold plated, called tungsten gold for short, is manufactured by coating with a layer of gold, silver, platinum, rose gold or other precious metals on the surface of tungsten alloy, in order to improve the appearance of the product to be more beautiful. As its high density almost the same to that for the real gold, it can be used as gold substitution for gifts and souvenirs. Besides, tungsten alloy bar, brick, coin without gold plating usually has a natural surface with its unique metallic luster, which is clear and textured. This kind of tungsten gold plated jewelry becomes more and more popular among the youths. The main advantages of tungsten gold plated are high-density, wearing resistant, corrosion resistant, good machinaibility, etc.

Tungsten Gold for Business

tungsten alloy gold plated bar

As the density of tungsten gold plated is 18.2 g/cc, similar to real gold, tungsten gold is usually used as a substitution for banks, gold shops, exhibition display, etc. in order to avoid suffering the great losses from the theft of the real gold. Tungsten gold plated could be used for shopping malls, schools, company anniversary souvenirs, prizes and gifts with customized engraving designs on its surface, which highlight exquisite of tungsten gold plated gift. Compared with real gold, cost-effective is much higher....More

Tungsten Gold for Love

tungsten alloy gold plated rings for love

People always look forward to meaningful and romantic love, anticipating recording such feelings. How to make such recordings remain constantly? Tungsten gold will be the most favorable choice. You should engrave and record all you would like to pass your emotions and memories to the ones you are caring about, such as the name of the person you miss, the special day worthy of commemorating, the words you want to express secretly, etc. ...More

Tungsten Gold for Commemoration

tungsten alloy gold plated coins for commemoration

Birthdays, Christmas, New Year's Day, Mother's Day,etc. there are always some kinds of special holiday worthy being cherished and commemorated. Yes, the real gold has been regarded as auspicious objects all long, and it is indeed the preferred thing. However, it may have some insecurity factor to wear the real gold, such as being theft, besides, it is too expensive, therefore, one type of tungsten gold material with wearing resistance, safety wearing and well machinability needed badly as gold substitution. ...More

Tungsten Gold for Constellation

tungsten alloy gold plated coins for twelve constellation

According to astral images and their imagination, people describe the twelve constellations with twelve different symbols to record and commemorate the twelve constellation stories full of magic and fantasy. Making records of the twelve constellations to express the emotional saga is very meaningful experience, especially when having tungsten gold plated jewelry engraved with constellation symbol, sweet words, so as to convey the everlasting love and bone-deep affection....More