Tungsten Gold for Match

Tungsten Gold Fishing Sinker for Fishing Game

tungsten gold fishing sinker for fishing game

Tungsten fishing sinker plays a very important part during that game, which worked as a counterweight to make the lure get down into the water much faster, also it can increase the force of diving bait and anchoring force. Also tungsten fishing sinker with gold plating, called tungsten gold fishing sinker has good resistance to corrosion and wearing properties. If the winner could have this type of...More

Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin for Sports Meeting

tungsten gold-plated coin for sports meeting

In order to encourage the athletes who participates the sports meeting, the organizers will purchase the relevant medals, gongs, commemorative coins or some other gifts to the athletes as souvenirs. Tungsten gold-plated coin for sports meeting not only has the beautiful and golden appearance as gold coins, but also can be preserved for a long time due to the tungsten alloy’s characteristics of...More

Tungsten Gold Plated Medal for Olympics

tungsten gold plated medal for Olympics

With the intensification of global environmental pollution, people's environmental awareness is also growing, so Green Olympics becomes the key theme for Olympic Games. Tungsten gold plated medal, also known as tungsten gold medal, has its golden color and beautiful appearance, besides, as it is corrosion resistant, non-toxic and...More

Tungsten Gold Bar for F1 Racing

tungsten gold bar for f1 racing

When talking abut F1 racing, our first reaction may be Michael Schumacher, Paul Walker and his wonderful movie "Fast and Furious", which really gained lots of cheers. We could see apparently the fascination of F1 racing car also the speed and passion of riders from that movie. Formula One World Championship, also called F1 racing, is the highest level of racing in...More

Tungsten Gold Commemorative Coin for Marathon

tungsten gold commemorative coin for Marathon

Marathon is a worldwide popular running race requires an open venue, which gives a tolerance attitude to all the contestants in a good health condition. Runners from home and abroad to participate in Marathon every year makes it becomes a special city scenery and an invisible card. For those players from afar, their sporting spirit are worthy of recognition whether they take off ...More

Tungsten Gold Commemorative Coin for Sports Competition

tungsten gold commemorative coin for sports competition

In our consciousness, no matter what the race is, only the winner could gain a medal. But for the contestants failed in the sports competition, it would be also very important to express anticipation by some encouragement such as tungsten gold commemorative coin. Using tungsten gold commemorative coin for sports competition shows its high collection value and practical value as...More

Tungsten Gold Coin for Match Commemoration

tungsten gold coin for match commemoration

People may have participated in different matches in their whole life, such as chess game, calligraphy competition, piano competition, Mathematical Olympiad competition, etc. The souvenir for match may also be stacked in the closet, which may be involved in the scene with years of dust and is left rust stains on its surface by time. However, if you choose...More