Gold-Plated Tungsten Block for Wedding Gifts

gold-plated tungsten block for wedding gifts

Wedding is a legal recognition of a lover's love, is an important milestone in the bride and groom’s life. Reciprocity is a high virtue, so for many relatives, friends, or some other congratulators, the new couple usually needs to return gifts. The choice of gift not only embodies the high attention of the bride and groom for the wedding, but also reflects their most sincere thanks to all the congratulators. As can be seen, it is an excellent choice of using gold-plated tungsten blocks as rebate wedding gifts. Gold-plated tungsten blocks have good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high density, and feel like gold in general, so we can engrave some meaningful words or texts in gold-plated tungsten blocks’ surfaces, such as the wedding date and the bride and groom's names etc.. Not only can let the participants all remember the wonderful moment, but also can be remembered forever remember. This kind of gold-plated tungsten blocks can be customized according to different requirements, the weight ranges from 1 KG to 10 KGS.

Declaration:Tungsten gold-plated products offered by Chinatungsten Online are only for decoration, commemoration and/or collection, please do not use for illegal purposes.Announcement

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