Tungsten Gold Plated for Love

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Love Anniversary

gold-plated tungsten coin for love anniversary

Love is an eternal topic, people will use a number of ways to express their feelings and loves to each other, to commemorate their beautiful love anniversary. The gold-plated tungsten coins for love anniversary is that to plate an gold layer on the tungsten coins’ surfaces,...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Block for Wedding Gifts

gold-plated tungsten block for wedding gifts

Wedding is a legal recognition of a lover's love, is an important milestone in the bride and groom’s life. Reciprocity is a high virtue, so for many relatives, friends, or some other congratulators, the new couple usually needs to return gifts. The choice of gift not only embodies the high attention of the bride and groom for ...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Golden Wedding Anniversary

gold-plated tungsten coin for golden wedding anniversary

Love is patient and kind. Golden wedding described that the couples still love each other after experiencing the baptism of fifty years, love is better than gold. Sending gold-plated tungsten coin engraved the date of golden wedding anniversary, the names or some other meaningful things or words to each other in the day of golden wedding...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Blocks for Silver Wedding Anniversary

gold-plated tungsten block for silver wedding anniversary

According to the European customs, silver wedding is the wedding anniversary of twenty-five years. Twenty five years, neither long nor short time, in this time children are young, but parents are becoming older and older. So for many people, it’s essential to send gifts to parents in the day of their silver wedding ...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Diamond Wedding Anniversary

gold-plated tungsten coin for diamond wedding anniversary

People named the marriage of couples who had married 60 years as a diamond wedding, it is a precious thing that can accompany loves day by day no matter how the time went by, or accompany the lovers together and even get old slowly but still regard each other as good treasure. This is the most precious marriage ceremony for life, children and...More