Tungsten Gold Swindle

What is tungsten gold?

tungsten gold rings

There some much information related to tungsten gold nowadays, such as tungsten gold ring, tungsten gold necklace, tungsten gold wrist chain, etc. to be sent as gift, present by the relatives, friends, passengers surrounding. You may think that you have known enough about tungsten gold, but now we would like to point out the real answer to tungsten gold for you.

1.Tungsten Gold
1.1Actually, “tungsten gold” is refers to tungsten alloy for short from the Chinese characters. As its high hardness, excellent wearing resistance and good machinability, tungsten gold is widely applied for making the fashionable jewelry such as tungsten gold ring, tungsten gold necklace, tungsten gold wrist chain, etc. They are all called tungsten gold. However, when it comes to industry, it could be called as “tungsten steel”. The surface of tungsten jewelry usually has a bright and clear luster, which states the special status of the business men, so it is really popular among commercial activities.
1.2There is another way to name tungsten gold when the material is tungsten alloy gold plated. This kind of material has tungsten alloy inner, and its surface usually to be done with gold plating 24K gold, platinum, rose gold and any other rare metal on its surface to get a much charming appearance. Besides, as it is wearing resistant and corrosion resistant, it is much popular than other metal for jewelry. In this website, it mainly uses this explanation to tungsten gold in mentioned.

2.Is tungsten gold a type of real gold?
Tungsten gold is not the real gold. The main material for tungsten gold is tungsten alloy with a bright luster on its surface. It turns to be alike the gold color after the gold plating process. But the price for tungsten gold is much cheaper than the real gold.

3.Dose tungsten gold like the same as the real gold by visual inspection from appearance?
Tungsten alloy with gold plating on its surface really has almost the same appearance as the real gold by visual inspection. As the density of tungsten is almost the same as the real gold, it will be rather difficult to distinguish tungsten gold from the real gold just from the appearance. Therefore, Chinatungsten would like to reminder customers to learn how to protect themselves from tungsten gold swindle, which will be comparative important. However, if tungsten alloy material, such as the tungsten steel jewelry without gold plating, then it shows the natural luster but not gold color, , then it be very easily to be recognized from the tungsten gold.

What is fake gold bar?
fake gold bar

Fake gold bar means the tungsten gold bar which are almost the same as the real gold bar from the visual inspection and could not be told the differences between the real one just by touching. Fake gold bar mainly refers to tungsten alloy gold plated bar. The density for tungsten alloy is 18.2g/cm3 in general, while that for real gold is 19.32g/cm3. They are very close. It will be very hard to distinguish the differences if you are not the professional. However, more and more tungsten gold is utilized as the real gold to swindle or commit a crime with the development for gold market, Chinatungsten would like to advice being more careful of those cases.