Questions & Answers to Tungsten Gold

Q.: Differences between tungsten gold and real gold

tungsten gold bar

A.: The real gold means pure gold for jewelry or other products with old percent at 99.6% min., it has very soft texture with natural luster, but the price will be rather expensive. However, tungsten gold also means tungsten gold plated, is produced by powder metallurgy with similar density about 18.0g/cm3 to real gold of 19.32g/cm3. Gold plating could be available as 18K, 22K, 24K. The thickness for gold plating usually could be obtained from 0.2 micrometer to 1micrometer or even much thicker. The thicker the gold layer is, much expensive the tungsten gold products will be. Besides, tungsten gold product has very high hardness, good machinability, so it could be engraved on its surface, also it is durable and cost-effective.

Q.: What are tungsten gold plated advantages?
tungsten gold bar

A.:1.High density almost close to the density of real gold as 19.32g/cm3 to be the substitution to gold. 2. Good machinability: could be engraved different letters, characters, images on its surface. 3. Durable and corrosion resistant: could be preserved for a very long period. 4. High hardness: won’t be deformed easily while handling. 5. Safe for carrying: would be less chance and less loss to be stolen compared to carrying the real gold. 6. Cost-effective: much cheaper than the real gold, but looks no differences from the real gold from its appearance.