Tungsten Gold for Festival

Gold-plated Tungsten Coin for Mother’s Day

gold-plated tungsten coin for Mother’s Day

The second Sunday of May is a great important day for many people, because this day is Mother's Day. Mother, what a beautiful word that as warm as the sun. Many people will express their deep love for mothers by sending the most representative gifts in Mother's Day. Carnations, greeting cards, gold-plated tungsten coins, sending carnations to...More

Gold-plated Tungsten Brick for Teacher’s Day

gold-plated tungsten brick for Teacher’s Day

It’s a novel way of showing respect to your teacher by sending gold-plated tungsten brick as a souvenir on Teacher’s Day, because the gold-plated tungsten bricks can not only be used as collection but also can be used as a paperweight while collecting the exam papers. Respecting the teachers is traditional virtues of Chinese nation, so every September 10th is...More

Gold-plated Tungsten Brick for National Day

gold-plated tungsten brick for National Day

For any country, National Day is a grand day that should have the national celebration. On this day, people will use a variety of ways to celebrate and commemorate the great motherland. One of the memorial ways is to engrave the national emblem, date of National Day, or all the other things that are representative of the moment. People love for their motherland far beyond...More

Gold-plated Tungsten Brick for Thanksgiving Day

gold-plated tungsten brick for Thanksgiving Day

Economic globalization has also urged the cultures around the world to be blended, so Thanksgiving Day, which was originally a Western holiday, has begun to prevail in China. People usually express their sincere thanks to friends and relatives by the ways of text messages, greeting cards, or gifts presentation in November 6th. ...More

Gold-plated Tungsten Coin for Father’s Day

gold-plated tungsten coin for Father’s Day

Filial piety is the most important of all virtues, the same for the Chinese people, whether it is a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, both of them are the single day for commemorating or expressing of filial piety to the elders, which have obtained great attentions by people. Father's Day is the day of third Sunday in June. We can use the gold-plated tungsten coin which...More

Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin for Halloween

tungsten gold-plated coin for Halloween

Tungsten gold-plated coin, also known as tungsten alloy gold-plated coin. As its name suggests, it is a kind of collection or commemorative coin which is made of tungsten and plated gold layer on its surface. Halloween is a western festival; every child there knows that famous words “trick or treat”, because they could play fun on that day, and they believe that that is a...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Bar for Christmas

gold-plated tungsten bar for Christmas

Christmas Day is the day for the Westerners to commemorate the birth of Jesus, which is one of the most important days for them, and became more and more popular in the world nowadays. During Christmas time, people will give each other Christmas cards, Christmas gifts, or the friends and families will wear Christmas hats, dress up the Christmas tree in order to share the joy of...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Adult Ceremony

gold-plated tungsten coin for adult ceremony

Whichever country has its special adult ceremony day. For parents, adult ceremony means that their children have their own abilities to live their own life; for teenagers, adult ceremony means that they are no longer the flowers in the greenhouse; they can find their own spaces and go their own ways with an independent personality. In China, the modern adult ceremony is a ceremony held for...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Moon Festival

gold-plated tungsten coin for Moon Festival

The Moon Festival is one of Chinese traditional festivals; people will have a joyous gathering in this festival, drink wines and watch the moon for sustenance homesickness. Due to the characteristics of good abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high cost-performance and high ornamental of gold-plated tungsten coin for Moon Festival, so it can be used as gifts to relatives or...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Coin for Labor Day

gold-plated tungsten coin for Labor Day

May 1st is the festival for the world's working people every year. Many countries have different celebrations. The meanings for using gold-plated tungsten coin as Labor Day commemorative coin is gold-plated tungsten coin has high density and component, which implies the workers occupy great important position on the construction of motherland. Besides, its good wear resistance and...More

Tungsten Gold Coin for Army Day

tungsten gold coin for Army Day

Tungsten gold coin for army usually engraves the logo, name, and establishment date of the army, with its durability and attractive appearance; it is tantamount to having a generally bright and clear color to the real gold. With its metallic luster, unique beauty surface and its exact unit weight, plus the engraving and gold plating, tungsten gold coin for Army Day could be almost looks like...More

Tungsten Gold Coin for Film Festival

tungsten gold coin for film festival

Tungsten gold coin for film festival is made of tungsten alloy material inner, and then do gold plating on its surface to make it looks like the real gold coin, so that it could used as the gift or souvenir for film festival with a much cheaper cost. For it is cost-effective, tungsten gold coin for film festival becomes more and more popular for film festival to embed the value and significance of the film festival. It is...More

Tungsten Gold Coin for Opera Art Festival

tungsten gold coin for opera art festival

Tungsten gold coin for opera art festival is an art of opera written heritage and commemorate the spread of opera art. It has gold plating attractive surface and rich texture, which make it look like the real gold. Tungsten gold coin for opera art festival is cost-effective, non-toxic and corrosion resistant, so it is well used as souvenirs for opera art festival, also could be sent as the gift to...More

Tungsten Gold Coin for Art Festival

tungsten gold coin for art festival

Tungsten gold coin, also called tungsten gold plated coin, is one kind of tungsten alloy material with gold plating surface being used for art festival as its attractive surface to real gold and durable. It could be engraved the related information to art festival such as the theme, value, date, image, logo, etc. on its surface, so as to be used as collections, souvenirs, gifts for...More