Tungsten Gold for Stationery

Tungsten Gold Plated Seal

tungsten gold plated seal

Seal is one kind of Chinese traditional culture representatives, and also is another form of the ancient Chinese arts, which is popular among many seal or stamp collectors. Modern seal or stamp can generally be divided as seal and signet, in addition to seal or stamp, ink pad is required. A good seal or stamp can be...More

Tungsten Gold Pen Holder

tungsten gold pen holder

Pen holder is one kind of common functional stuffs in daily life, which is mainly manufactured by paper, jade, bamboo, wood, ceramics, etc. Tungsten gold material shows its new conception for pen holder. What is tungsten gold pen holder? Tungsten gold pen holder, also called tungsten alloy gold plated pen holder, is made of tungsten alloy material inner...More

Tungsten Gold Plated Bookmark

tungsten gold plated bookmark

Book is the ladder of human progress. For people who are fond of reading, book is just like a breeze brushing his/her cheek, and also just like the sunshine warming his/her heart. On a comfortable and pleasant sunny afternoon, sitting on the tatami, open pages lightly, fingers with a tungsten gold plated bookmark full of rich texture and...More

Tungsten Gold Business Card

tungsten gold business card

You may have heard of paper business card, metal business card, bamboo business card or wooden business card, however, whether you have heard of tungsten gold business card? Tungsten gold, also called tungsten alloy gold plated, then tungsten gold business card could also be called as tungsten alloy gold-plated business card. Business card is the...More

Tungsten Gold Plated Ashtray

tungsten gold plated ashtray

Tungsten gold ashtray, also called tungsten alloy gold plated ashtray, is a type of container for ash, cigarette butts made of tungsten alloy material. Due to the unique properties of tungsten gold ashtray, such as heat resistance and corrosion resistance, it could be well isolated cigarette butts to prevent fire hazards, also it is ...More

Tungsten Gold Plated Paperweight

tungsten gold plated paperweight

Paperweight is unique traditional Chinese handicraft, which is used to keep the paper flat. In ancient China, paperweight has a long history of usage, mainly are mini-bronzes, jade-based paperweight, etc. Now tungsten gold plated paperweight become a unique handicraft with its superior practical and collection value in...More

Tungsten Gold Pet Nameplate

tungsten gold pet nameplate

Tungsten gold pet nameplate, also called tungsten alloy gold plated pet nameplate, is made of tungsten alloy material inner, and do the gold plating on its surface to get a similar appearance to the real gold finally. It is mainly used for hanging in the pets’ neck or their homes, so as to identify them if they get lost. The most important...More