Tungsten Gold Plated for Twelve Constellation

Arise Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Arise tungsten gold-plated coin

The twelve constellations are the ancient astrology that to be commonly used in western, namely the twelve zodiac signs. According to their own free imagination, people described the concretizations of the twelve constellations, which may be divided in turn into: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces....More

Taurus Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Taurus tungsten gold-plated coin

Taurus tungsten gold-plated coin is mainly used to commemorate the people those was born in the Gregorian calendar on April 21st to May 20th. It’s said that people who is Taurus, would have gentle and kind characters, but his temper would as stubborn as Taurus. Taurus tungsten gold-plated coin can be used as birthday gifts, ...More

Gemini Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Gemini tungsten gold-plated coin

Gemini was born on Gregorian calendar of May 21st ~June 21st; Gemini is the third sign of the twelve zodiac signs. The person Gemini, who is said having a changeable character, but is easy-going and full of wisdom. Gemini tungsten gold-plated coin refers to engrave the symbol or pattern of Gemini on the tungsten coin’s surface, which can...More

Cancer Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Cancer tungsten gold-plated coin

A person who was born on June 22nd ~July 22nd is a Cancer, which is the first constellation of the beginning summer. Cancer tungsten gold-plated coin is made for transferring mind or commemorating the meaning of born. It can be customized according to people’s own design or provide their own drawings to customize Cancer tungsten gold-plated coin ...More

Leo Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Leo tungsten gold-plated coin

Using Leo tungsten gold-plated coin as souvenir or gift to Leo friends can show your warm care and deep mind, also enable the recipient be full of happiness and sincere. Because of its aesthetics, it can be permanently stored. Leo tungsten gold-plated coin can be customized from the weight from 1 gram to 50 grams, the surface of...More

Virgo Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Virgo tungsten gold-plated coin

Virgo tungsten gold-plated coin, for its characteristics of elegant appearance, good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high cost-effective, is widely used and popular as gift, souvenir, collectible etc. In addition to customize Virgo tungsten gold-plated coin to Virgo friends, many people will also customize a set of twelve constellations...More

Libra Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Libra tungsten gold-plated coin

Libra tungsten gold-plated coin, also known as Libra tungsten alloy gold-plated coin, it is often used to commemorate the people whose birthday is in the range of Gregorian calendar September 23rd to October 23rd. Libra, as its name suggests, it looks like a balance after connecting the stars, so it is often...More

Scorpio Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Scorpio tungsten gold-plated coin

The person who was born on October 24th in the Gregorian calendar October 22nd ~November 22nd is Scorpio. Scorpio people is usually to be thought as mystery, cold and full of personality, so Scorpio is the most unpredictable constellation of the twelve constellations. Scorpio tungsten gold-plated coin also has...More

Sagittarius Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Sagittarius tungsten gold-plated coin

Sagittarius tungsten gold-plated coin can be sent to Sagittarius friends who are bringing you much happiness and creating lots of humor in life around you. It can express your thanks to him for creating happiness and your carefulness of gift selection. The size, weight and style of Sagittarius tungsten gold-plated can be customized in accordance with...More

Capricorn Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Capricorn tungsten gold-plated coin

Capricorn is a constellation that has many good qualities, such as intelligent, practical, reliable, firm and so on. Capricorn tungsten gold-plated coin is used to commemorate a man was born on the cold December 22nd ~January 19th, this time is very cold, so makes the Capricorn people slightly own ...More

Aquarius Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Aquarius tungsten gold-plated coin

Aquarius tungsten gold-plated coin is usually used as souvenir, collectible or ornamental product with engraved patterns or characters about Aquarius on its surface. According to character analysis of twelve constellations, Aquarius is the constellation that full of talent, originality, tolerance and love. Aquarius...More

Pisces Tungsten Gold-Plated Coin

Pisces tungsten gold-plated coin

Pisces tungsten gold-plated coin has a romantic appearance, rich meaning, with the same appearance to fine gold, it has higher appreciation value and collection value. Pisces tungsten gold-plated coin can be customized according to the specific requirements in terms of number, weight, size, design, processing technology of special...More