Tungsten Gold Jewelry

Tungsten Gold-plated Necklace for Valentines’ Day

tungsten gold-plated necklace for Valentines’ Day

Love is a type of vowed faith which is witnessed well by the wear resistant tungsten gold-plated necklace. Tungsten gold-plated necklace is so much durable as the sign of the valentines’ immortal love, and it could help to bear the beautiful romantic love in mind. Valentine's Day is the most special day for lovers. The valentines will give each...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Rings for Valentine’s Day

gold-plated tungsten rings for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is always full of love and romance: roses, chocolate, rings. Whether it’s the Chinese traditional Double Seventh Day or the western Valentine's Day, both are the special for lovers to exchange gifts and express love to each other. The beautiful appearance, good wearing resistance and non-deformation property of gold-plated tungsten...More

Tungsten Gold Plated Bracelet for Wedding Anniversary

tungsten gold-plated bracelet for wedding anniversary

If marriage is really the tomb of love, then tungsten gold plated bracelet can be used as this "sweet grave". Marriage means to accompany each other in a flat and passion-faded life status, no matter what happened, the promise to love will never change. Own the excellent wear resistance and durability, tungsten gold plated bracelet could be used as...More

Gold-Plated Tungsten Lovers’ Rings

gold-plated tungsten lovers’ rings

Ring is the romantic representative, the interpretation of love, the beautiful way of expressing love which has a long history. Ring also has an ancient name: finger ring, as the name suggests, it is something that could wear in the finger. So, whether they are Chinese or foreign lovers, both are willing to choose to give each other rings in order to...More