Tiger Tungsten Gold Plated Bar

Tiger tungsten gold plated bar

Zodiac is a household name in China. Tiger tungsten gold plated bar will be launched by the major banks when it comes to the Tiger lunar New Year, which is strongly welcomed by local people. Also as it shows an ancient Chinese local culture, nowadays more and more are popular for Chinese aboard. It is easily to see the status of Zodiac in people's mind. In Tiger lunar year, Tiger tungsten gold plated bar could be send as the gift for friends, relatives who was born in the year of Tiger; also it could be used as the collection or commemoration for families. Tiger is a symbol of prestige and high spirits, which could encourage people a lot for their life and hope, so Tiger tungsten gold plated bar will a wonderful present for everywhere needs encouragement. Tiger tungsten gold plated bar could usually be gold plated in gold type of 18K, 24K, also it could be engraved as per customized design.

Declaration:Tungsten gold-plated products offered by Chinatungsten Online are only for decoration, commemoration and/or collection, please do not use for illegal purposes.Announcement

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