Tungsten Alloy

tungsten alloyTungsten alloy, also called high-density tungsten alloy material, mainly consisting of W-Ni-Cu-Fe and other binders is manufactured by powder metallurgy production process including pressing and sintering processes, so as to show high density, excellent tensile strength, high hardness, strong radiation capability, non-toxic and well machinability. It has been widely used in areas: counterweights for ships, aircrafts, cars, balance weights for sporting such as darts, fishing sinkers, golf weights; radiation shields, oil drilling exploration radioactive containers; gold substitution as tungsten gold bar, coin, paperweight, jewelry, etc.

Gold Substitution-Tungsten Gold

tungsten gold plated bar

Tungsten Gold, also called tungsten gold plated, coated with a layer of gold, silver, platinum, rose gold or other precious metals. As its high density almost the same to real gold, it can be used as gold substitution, gifts, souvenirs. Besides, tungsten alloy bar, brick, coin without gold plating usually has a natural surface with its unique metallic luster, which is clear and textured. The main advantages of tungsten gold plated are high-density, wearing resistant and corrosion resistant....More