Tungsten Gold Plated Hotel VIP Card

tungsten gold plated hotel VIP card

VIP card is identification for customer in many consume places, also is a commitment for providing high quality and preferential service to the customers. In addition it can also increase customer stickiness. Therefore, issuing VIP cards will be an effective way for many service industries to expand their visibility and to improve customer loyalty. Tungsten gold plated hotel VIP card is made of tungsten alloy and plated with gold on its surface. It has an extraordinary visual experience and can be a symbol of noble status. Tungsten gold plated hotel VIP card has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and easy to carry, so it can avoid the huge economic losses caused by loss or theft of gold. Tungsten gold-plated hotel VIP card can reflect high quality and unique taste of the hotel, also the importance of customers. Tungsten gold plated VIP card can be plated with gold, silver, etc., and also can be offered without any electroplating, which remains its metallic color full of rich business sense.

Dichiarazione: Prodotti placcati in oro tungsteno offerti da Chinatungsten online sono solo per la decorazione, commemorazione e / o raccolta, si prega di non utilizzare per scopi illegali.Annuncio

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